Basics Whole and Prey

Do feed a prey model diet, Raw Meaty Bones or a BARF diet?

BioComplete Basics Whole and Prey are just that, whole chunks or even larger pieces of various meats, poultry and fish to stimulate appetitite and healthy teeth and gums. The important thing about prey model diet is that it involves feeding WHOLE foods, in as close to the way nature made them as possible, because this is what carnivores' teeth and digestive systems are designed to consume. One very important reason to feed whole, bone in raw meats to our carnivorous pets, is because of the effect they have on oral health. Gnawing, jawing, slicing, tearing, ripping and crunching through intact raw meat and bones does wonders to keep teeth clean and gums healthy. An unhealthy mouth with rotten teeth and gums can lead to a myriad of health problems, while a healthy mouth with clean teeth and strong gums is much more likely to be the gateway to a healthy body.


Our Basics Whole and Prey are 100% USDA graded raw meat with no fillers or added carbs.

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