Blessed Thistle Leaves

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Bitter herb helps with fever, digestive issues, and liver to repair itself, purify the body and rid it of toxins, anti-tumor and anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, use with second-hand smoke victims, good for the lungs, heart and kidney.

Herb Description

BIOComplete Organic Blessed Thistle Leaves


Does Your Pet Suffer From:

*Digestive Issues

*Insufficient Appetite

*Upset Stomach


*Brain Tumor

*Oral Tumor

*Liver Ailment

*Bacterial Infection

*Blood Ailment

*Second-Hand Smoke

*Kidney Issues

*Lung Problems

*Heart Ailment

Blessed Thistle is a weed with prickly leaves and yellow flowers surrounded by purple spikes. This Mediterranean plant flourishes on dry ground and in open areas. The leaves and flowering tops are collected in summer.

Originally used in Ayurvedic medicine in India and Bhutan, the plant was introduced to Europe in the 1500’s, where it became known as "blessed" for its use in treating the plague. It was said to relieve heart pain and inflammation in the 16th and 17th centuries. Monks grew Blessed Thistle as a cure for small pox. Nineteenth century herbalists prescribed an infusion or tea, made from the plant tops, as a treatment for fevers, and liver and respiratory ailments.

Blessed Thistle is known to help digestive disorder caused by insufficient secretion of stomach acid. It can also be helpful for loss of appetite, upset stomach, and gas.

The brain, heart, stomach, lungs, liver, and kidney may be strengthened with Blessed Thistle. Both brain and oral tumors may be reduced with its use. It is believed to be helpful against inflammation or cirrhosis of the liver. Blessed Thistle is said to be antibacterial, as well as a blood purifier and general health-inducing tonic. Animals exposed to cigarette smoke may particularly benefit.

Do not use for pregnant pets or pets with stomach ulcers.



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