Pau d' Arco

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Immune enhancer, cell strengthening, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic. Use to reduce pain, maintain normal blood sugar levels, clear toxins, lower fever, blood cleanser, blood builder, promotes healthy liver function, reduce side effects of chemotherapy, and fights cancer.

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BIOComplete Organic Pau d' Arco Powder


Does Your Pet Suffer From:


*Hot Spots





*Liver Ailment

*Kidney Ailment

*Staph Infection

*Fungal Infection

*Bacterial Infection

*Ear Infection


*Kennel Cough

*Bladder Infection








The Pau D'arco tree thrives in the tropical areas of Central and South America. It grows to 125 feet and is known for its pink or purple flowers. The inner bark of the tree is used medicinally. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for Pau D'arco and, as a result, the trees are endangered. The medically active herbal compound in Pau D’arco is lapachol.


The herb was popular amongst the ancient Incas, Aztecs, and natives of South American rain forests, and was used as a cure for diseases and a tonic for well-being. Pau d'Arco' recaptured attention during the mid-1960s, when it was claimed by a Brazilian physician that the herb was able to relieve pain, increase red blood cell counts, and cure illnesses, including cancer. In Guatemala, it is given as protection against rabies.


Pau D’arco is said to be effective for pets both topically and internally for ringworm, hot spots, eczema, psoriasis, and staph infections. It is a natural antibiotic noted for its ability to attack fungi/yeast and bacteria, and is suggested to treat canine ear infections. It might help fight parvo, kennel cough (bordatella), and bladder infections.


This herb may help the body kill off viruses and be effective against lupus, and leukemia. The lapachol in Pau D’arco, along with its other phytochemicals, is known to produce significant anti-cancer results. It also is recommended to be used to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy treatments.


Additionally, Pau D'arco s been used for the general support of cystitis, colitis, gastritis, diabetes, liver, and kidney care. It could also provide relief from arthritis for older pets.


Do not give this herb in high doses. Do not use for pets who are pregnant or nursing.



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