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Reliable treatment for internal, external bleeding, inflammation,high blood pressure, eye ailments, painful joints, glandular issues, liver ailments, infections, lymph nodes and yeast overgrowth. It is a potent antiviral agent, herpes,HIV and AIDS treatments

Herb Description

BIOComplete Organic Self Heal-Heal All Leaves 

Wild Harvested

Also known as:

prunella vulgaris, Heal All, Prunella, Woundwort, Hercules Woundwort, Sickle Herb, Carpenter's Herb, Dragonhead, and Blue Curls


Heal all is a common weed that grows wild throughout North America, Europe and temperate areas in Asia. A low-growing perennial with purple flowers, Heal All has been used in traditional medicine to treat a wide variety of ills and wounds, including cuts, abrasions, bruises, sore throats, thrush, yeast infections and liver ailments. More recently, heal all has been used in combination with bugleweed to treat Graves disease, a disorder of the thyroid. While heal all may seem to enjoy the reputation of panacea, there are some medicinal uses that have been consistent throughout the world, and which are being borne out by modern research.


Betulinic-acid, D-Camphor, Delphinidin, Hyperoside, Manganese, Oleanolic-acid, Rosmarinic-acid, Rutin, Ursolic-acid, and Tannins

Parts Used:

leaves and flowers

Typical Preparations:

The leaves of heal all are edible and are often used in soups and salads. Dried, they are used with other herbs in making tea. Even a weak infusion of self heal has enough antibiotic and antiseptic effect to be an effective treatment for conjunctivitis and sties. Also found encapsulated and as an extract.


There is a German saying, "He needs neither physician nor surgeon who has self heal to help himself?, and that sentiment seems to be confirmed as modern medicine studies one of the most commonly used healing herbs in the world. Chemical analyses have shown that heal all has antibiotic and antiseptic properties that are effective against herpes and e. coli, among others. It is astringent, and helps slow and stop bleeding both internally and externally. It has shown promise in treating AIDS and tuberculosis and some forms of cancer.


Currently, there are no known harmful side effects to the use of heal all.


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